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Staff Member Kevin McLaughlin earns Masters Degree from EMU

Posted: February 24, 2016

Staff Member Kevin McLaughlin earns Masters Degree from EMU

Kevin McLaughlin, the data security analyst intermediate for Climate and Space, recently earned a Master of Science degree in technology studies from Eastern Michigan University (EMU).

McLaughlin worked on his degree for two and a half years while working full-time at the University of Michigan. He took courses both online and in the classroom.

McLaughlin has worked for U-M for four years, and has served Climate and Space since May 2015.

“Growing up in South East Michigan I have always been a big fan of the University. While never a student here I did take part in the Air Force ROTC here while attending undergraduate classes at EMU,” McLaughlin says. “Being a part of the University brings me great pride knowing that I am helping others succeed in their research and studies here at the University.”

McLaughlin’s undergraduate degree is in aviation management, also from EMU. After graduating, he found work as an armed guard for a security firm. While working there he was asked to help with some computer investigations. This led him to take a Linux course at Washtenaw Community College in the fall of 2010, which turned into an Associate Degree in Computer Systems Security and led him to his career in information technology.

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