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New video on the engineering of complex space systems

Posted: March 9, 2016

New video on the engineering of complex space systems Steve Battel

MConneX released a new lecture-on-demand video that shows three speakers presenting a dialogue on the engineering of complex space systems.

The speakers were Steve Battel (President of Battel Engineering), Glenn Reeves (JPL Fellow) and Rob Maning (JPL Designer).

The dialogue grew out of a series of sidewalk conversations at JPL over the past year where the three speakers came to realize that they jointly had something important to say about how the engineering of complex systems is done.

“We are simply three engineers just like you who share a unique perspective borne out of a deep passion for engineering and for doing hard things. We are not trying to teach you but want to share our experiences with you on both a practical and philosophical level,” the video description states.

To watch the video, please visit YouTube or click the box below.


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