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MGU Student Research Symposium Awards 2016

Posted: April 13, 2016

MGU Student Research Symposium Awards 2016 Photo (from left): Dogacan Su Ozturk, Mary Morris, Ryan Dewey and Jennifer Bukowski.

Congratulations to the Climate & Space first place winners for the Michigan Geophysical Union Student Research Symposium - Ryan Dewey and Mary Morris!

Jennifer Bukowski and Dogacan Su Ozturk earned second place awards.

Thank you to everyone who organized, presented and attended the MGU Student Research Symposium!

Please review below for more information about the awards.


Category: Atmospheric and Climate Sciences

1st: Mary Morris
Advisor: Chris Ruf
Tropical Cyclone Integrated Kinetic Energy Estimation from the CYGNSS Constellation

2nd: Jennifer Bukowski
Advisor: Derek Posselt
The Sensitivity of Surface Ozone Concentrations to Anthropogenic NOx Emissions in the Great Lakes Region

Category: Space and Planetary Physics

1st: Ryan Dewey
Advisors: Jim Raines and Jim Slavin (Co-Advisor)
MESSENGER Observations of Energetic Electron Fermi Acceleration in Mercury’s Magnetotail

2nd: Dogacan Su Ozturk
Advisor: Shasha Zou and Jim Slavin (Co-Advisor)
The Response of the Coupled Magnetosphere-Ionosphere System to the 15 August 2015 Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure Enhancement

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