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CYGNSS Launch Day Thoughts from Mary Morris

Posted: December 16, 2016

CYGNSS Launch Day Thoughts from Mary Morris Mary Morris at Kennedy Space Center Mission Control Download File(s): Mary Morris mission control website.jpeg

Climate & Space Ph.D candidate Mary Morris is writing a blog about the #CYGNSS launch at NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

In her latest post, Mary shares some thoughts about her launch day experience. Here's an excerpt: 

"At 3 o’clock this morning I sat down at my console in the engineering backroom—the cheap, but more fun seats. Everyone “on console” has a headset that can be used to tune into many different communication channels. There is a whole channel dedicated for anomalies! We got there at 3 am because there is a whole binder full of steps to complete before we could launch. In addition to all of the audio we could tune into, there were many video feeds and displays of housekeeping data. Talk about information overload! It was easy to stay awake on a few hours of sleep with all of those stimuli in front of me. The adrenaline also helped."

Read the entire post here. 

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