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Professor Mark Moldwin Sponsors New Arts/Lab Student Residency

Posted: February 1, 2017

Professor Mark Moldwin Sponsors New Arts/Lab Student Residency

Climate & Space Professor Mark Moldwin, in conjunction with the U-M ArtsEngine program, has established a new Arts/Lab Student Residency for 2017. 

The Inaugural Moldwin Prize is "designed for an undergraduate student currently enrolled in the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design, the Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning or the School of Music, Theatre and Dance who is interested in exchange and collaboration with students engaged in research practice in an engineering lab. No previous science or engineering experience is required, although curiosity and a willingness to explore are essential!"

The Moldwin Prize is made possible by a donation from Mark and his wife, with matching funds from ArtsEngine. In addition, Moldwin says “One of the Deans of the participating schools said they would match as well, so we may have two artists/composers/choreographers in the Space Research Building this semester.”

Professor Moldwin said he became aware of the ArtsEngine Program at a data science focus group discussion when one of the program directors happened to be seated at his table. But it was a discussion he had with a colleague at that really made the difference. “I was a attending a workshop with [University of Illinois chemistry professor] Catherine Murphy. She told me all about her program, and I came away very inspired.”

When asked what he expects students will gain from this experience, Mark says, “I hope it is a two-way street. That my students get to learn about design and creativity from an artistic perspective, as well as learn how to communicate to non-science experts the work that they are doing. I hope that the Art Prize Fellows learn a little bit about science and engineering methods and space science.

“Communication and inspiration are common to both science and the arts and we can work together to benefit both of our domains.‚Äč”

The deadline for the Inaugural Moldwin Prize is fast approaching!
To find out more about the Moldwin Prize and submit an application, please visit the ArtsEngine website:

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