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Space Weather Modeling Framework User Conference Comes to Climate & Space

Posted: February 24, 2017

Space Weather Modeling Framework User Conference Comes to Climate & Space

The 2017 Space Weather Modeling Framework User Conference is holding its bi-annual meeting at Climate & Space next Monday through Wednesday. The conference will take place in the auditorium of the Space Research Building.  

The SWMF was developed at the University of Michigan’s Center for Space Environment Modeling (CSEM) with researchers from the Climate & Space department. CSEM is led by Tamas Gombosi, the Rollin M. Gerstacker Professor of Engineering and professor of atmospheric, oceanic and space sciences and aerospace engineering. Last fall, the SWMF was adopted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Space Weather Prediction Center.

In the summer of 2014, it was decided to bring all users of SWMF together with the developers to discuss issues surrounding SWMF to foster understand and usage of the framework.

2nd SWMF User Meeting

February 27, 2017 – March 1, 2017
University of Michigan
Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering
Space Research Building
2455 Hayward, Ann Arbor, MI
Climate & Space Auditorium, Room 2246 

Webcast: Blue Jeans Network passcode: 3548


Monday, February 27                                

TIME          SPEAKER          SUBJECT

13:30         Gombosi          Welcome, logistics

13:45         Toth                SWMF overview, recent advances

14:15         van der Holst    AWSoM, 1T, 2T, 3T, multifluid

14:45         Sokolov            Threaded Field line model and AWSoM-R

15:15         BREAK                       

15:30         Tenishev          Adaptive Mesh Particle Simulator (AMPS)

15:50         Borovikov         M-FLAMPA for SEP simulations

16:10         Chen               MHD-EPIC and its first applications

16:30         Antiochos         TBD

16:50         BREAK                       

17:00         RECEPTION      

19:00         End of Day   


Tuesday, February 28            

TIME          SPEAKER          SUBJECT                   

9:00          Markidis            iPIC3D

9:20           Sazykin            Latest developments of RCM

9:40           Fok                  CRCM, RBE and CIMI in SWMF - Past, Present, and Future

10:00         Welling             Transition of SWMF/Geospace to NOAA SWPC

10:20         Cash/Singer      A User’s Perspective on the Transition of the SWMF Geospace Model
                                          Into Operations at NOAA SWPC  

10:35         BREAK                       

10:50         Jordanova         Updates on the SHIELDS project at LANL

11:10         Henderson        TBD

11:25         Haiducek          Month-long magnetosphere run

11:40         Ilie                   TBD

11:55         Ozturk              A global MHD study on the role of IMF By during dynamic pressure

12:10         LUNCH                       

13:10         Glocer              Recent developments with PWOM

13:30         Welling             Ionospheric sources in magnetosphere simulations

13:45         Kuznetsova       SWMF at CCMC

14:05         Manchester       Magnetic flux emergence simulations

14:20         Manchester/      CME initiation with EEGGL 

14:35         Taktakishvili      CME simulations with SWMF at CCMC

14:50         Jin                   A Numerical Study of Global Solar Corona Evolution During Coronal Mass

15:05         Ma                   Mars/Venus simulations

15:20         Cohen              BATSRUS Beyond the Solar System

15:35         Szente             Coronal jet studies through modeling and synthetic observations

15:50         BREAK                       

16:10         Ridley              An Update on the Global Ionosphere Thermosphere Model

16:30         Liemohn           TBD

16:45         Zou                 Using SWMF to study magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere coupling

17:00         Jia                   Giant planet magnetospheres

17:15         Michael            Outer heliosphere simulations

17:30         Daldorff           The Onset of Magnetic Reconnection:  Tearing Instability in Current Sheets
                                         with a Guide Field 

17:45         End of Day    


Wednesday, March 1                                 

TIME          SPEAKER          SUBJECT

9:00           Huang             Comet magnetosphere simulations

9:15           Zhang              Plasma waves in magnetosphere simulations

9:30           Ganushkina      Isotropic Boundaries Observed at LEO as a Proxi for SWMF Magnetic Field

9:45           De Zeeuw        The VMR and meta-data at the CCMC

10:00         Komar             Radiation Belt Electron ULF Drift Resonance in CIMI+BATSRUS

10:15         BREAK               

10:30         TBD                Community space weather model: NASA's view

10:50         Lapenta          Community space weather model: NOAA's view

11:10         Meriwether      Community space weather model: NSF's view

11:30         Kuznetsova     Community space weather model: CCMC's view

11:50         Gombosi         Community space weather model: developer's view

12:10         Discussion      

12:30         Gombosi         Closing remarks

12:40         End of meeting

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