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Professor Drake Wins 2017 ANS Edward Teller Award

Posted: June 15, 2017

Professor Drake Wins 2017 ANS Edward Teller Award

The Climate & Space department is very pleased to announce that Professor Paul Drake has been selected to receive the 2017 Edward Teller Award by the American Nuclear Society.

From the ANS website: 

"The Edward Teller Award recognizes pioneering research and leadership in the use of laser and ion-particle beams to produce unique high-temperature and high-density matter for scientific research and for controlled thermonuclear fusion."

The Edward Teller Award was established in June 1999 and is funded by an endowment fund established by the Fusion Energy Division of ANS. The award is given during odd years, and will be presented at the upcoming International Conference on Inertial Fusion Science Applications (IFSA). This year's conference will take place September 11-15 in Saint Malo, France.  

In announcing the selection, the ANS Awards Committee cited Professor Drake's seminal work in radiation hydrodynamics, hydrodynamics, and laser-plasma interactions, and for educational contributions, advancing fundamental high-energy-density physics and its applications to astrophysics. The ANS Awards Committee is made up of all the previous winners of the Edward Teller Award.

Professor Drake is currently on sabbatical and working on a new edition of his well-known textbook, High-Energy Density Physics: Fundamentals, Intertial Fusion and Experimental Astrophysics, first published in 2006.

Congratulations, Professor Drake! 


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