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Climate & Space Professors Participate in NASA Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill

Posted: June 16, 2017

Climate & Space Professors Participate in NASA Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill (l-r): Prof. Justin Kasper, House C-J-S Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Culberson, Prof. Chris Ruf

Courtesy of the U-M Government Relations Office

On Wednesday, June 14, two professors from the U-M Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering department participated in a NASA advocacy day on Capitol Hill, which included meeting with Congressional staff during the day and an evening poster exhibition reception.

The Office of Research sponsored a table at the reception, which featured two NASA missions U-M leads. Professor Chris Ruf discussed the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) and Professor Justin Kasper discussed Parker Solar Probe, Solar Wind Electrons Alphas and Protons (SWEAP) Investigation. CYGNSS, which launched in December 2016, uses eight micro-satellites to make accurate measurements of ocean surface winds to increase our ability to understand and predict hurricanes. Parker Solar Probe, which will launch in July 2018, will be the first mission to travel to the surface of the sun, revolutionizing our understanding of the sun.

The Coalition for Aerospace and Science (CAS), of which U-M is a member, hosted the reception. CAS is a coalition of approximately 40 private industry, professional organizations, universities and scientific societies united in support of increasing the NASA budget. The evening reception drew Members of Congress and their staff as well as NASA agency officials.

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