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Watch the 2017 Nelson W. Spencer Lecture with Prof. Margaret Kivelson

Posted: December 16, 2017

Watch the 2017 Nelson W. Spencer Lecture with Prof. Margaret Kivelson
In case you missed attending our 2017 Nelson W. Spencer Lecture, we've created a nice video of the lecture and conversation between Professor Margaret Kivelson and her daughter, Professor Valerie Kivelson.
Each year, the Climate & Space department hosts a lecture in honor Dr. Nelson Spencer, an early director of the Space Physics Research Laboratory at the University of Michigan. This year's guest lecturer, Prof. Margaret Kivelson, presented a talk entitled, "Magnetic Structures in the Solar System." Immediately after the lecture, Kivelson and her daughter, U-M LSA History Professor Valerie Kivelson, discussed Prof Margaret Kivelson's experiences during her long career working in the space sciences.

Nelson W. Spencer became the director of the U-M Space Physics Research Laboratoryin 1948 and remained its guiding force until 1960. During his tenure, SPRL established itself as a prominent leader in the exploration of the Earth's upper atmosphere. Dr. Spencer believed in the importance of including science goals in all space flight missions, and was a pioneer in America’s space science program. 

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