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CLaSP Winter/Spring 2018 Weekly Seminar Schedule

Posted: January 8, 2018

CLaSP Winter/Spring 2018 Weekly Seminar Schedule

Our Winter/Spring 2018 CLaSP Weekly Seminar Series kicks off on February 1st!
Below you'll find a list of upcoming speakers and dates.

All seminars take place Thursdays at 3:30 p.m., in the Climate & Space Auditorium, SRB 2246, Space Research Building, 2455 Hayward Street, U-M North Campus.

* Please note: We are still in the process of finalizing seminar title abstract and bio information with the speakers, and the dept website events calendar will be updated as we receive that information:


1-Feb     Dr. Leonardo Regoli (CLaSP)                 "Plasma interactions with unmagnetized bodies"

8-Feb     Prof. Craig DeForest (SwRI, Boulder)     "NASA’s small explorer mission: PUNCH"

15-Feb   Dr. Rodney Viereck (NOAA)                   "Space weather prediction at NOAA"

22-Feb   Prof. Yue Deng (UT Arlington)                "Earth’s ionosphere-thermosphere modeling"

1-Mar    No Seminar - Spring Break

8-Mar     Dr. Andreas Prein (NCAR)                      "Mesoscale convective systems in WRF"

15-Mar   Dr. Greg Mann (NOAA)                          "Meteotsunamis/lake ice"

22-Mar   Prof. Stefano Livi (CLaSP; SwRI)            "Solar Wind Measurements on Solar Orbiter:
                                                                                Discovering the Links Between the Solar Wind and the Atmosphere of Our Sun"

29-Mar   Dr. Juan Lora (UCLA)                            "Titan’s atmosphere; paleo-atmospheric rivers"

5-Apr     Prof. Christine Chiu                                "Cloud physics and aerosols" 
             (Colorado State University)                    

12-Apr   Prof. Suzie Imber                                   "Final winner of BBC’s 'Astronauts:
             (Leicester University)                               Do you have what it takes?'”


23-Jan   Dr. Ashley Payne (CLaSP)                   "Atmospheric Rivers over the North Pacific"

27-Mar   Dr. Tom Hamill (NOAA)                         "Subseasonal forecasting"

26-Apr   Dr. Stefano Orsini                                  "Bepi-Colombo and Mercury science."
             (Istituto di Fisica dello Spazio
             Interplanetario [INAF], Rome, Italy

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