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Professor Liemohn to receive Monroe-Brown Foundation Education Excellence Award

Posted: January 18, 2018

Professor Liemohn to receive Monroe-Brown Foundation Education Excellence Award

From Climate & Space department Chair Professor James Slavin: 

"I am very pleased to announce that Professor Mike Liemohn has been selected to receive the Monroe-Brown Foundation Educational Excellence Award for 2017-2018.

The award is given annually to College of Engineering faculty who demonstrate sustained excellence in curricular development, instruction and guidance at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This includes demonstrated excellence in graduate student supervision; the development of new courses, teaching laboratories, teaching techniques, textbooks, and software; bringing research into the classroom (leading to skills required for graduate study and research careers); and emphasizing contextual learning (the broader public impact or interdisciplinary implications).

"I was already having a pretty good day yesterday," said Liemohn, "but the notification of this award was by far the best news. I love my job, I greatly enjoy teaching, and I am honored to receive this award. I strive to be contagiously enthusiastic about the material in every course that I teach and I hope that the students catch it; 'it' being both the material and the enthusiasm."

Professor Liemohn received his Ph.D in Atmospheric and Space Science from CLaSP (known at that time as AOSS) in 1997. He joined the department as an Assistant Research Scientist the following year, and became part of the instructional faculty in 2006.  His research deals with plasma transport in the ionosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth and other solar system bodies. 

The award will be presented in March at the Faculty Awards Dinner Dance at the Michigan League. 

Congratulations, Professor Liemohn! 

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