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Professor Penner comments on proposed 2019 NASA budget

Posted: February 19, 2018

Professor Penner comments on proposed 2019 NASA budget

​Climate & Space Professor Joyce Penner responded to the executive branch's proposed 2019 budget for NASA in a new Eos magazine article. The story, "Five Takeaways from Trump’s Proposed Budget for NASA," examines the budget's cuts on the space agency. 

From the article: 

'President Donald Trump has requested $19.9 billion for NASA’s 2019 fiscal year (FY), a $500 million increase from FY 2018’s budget request and $61 million below FY 2017’s funding level. If this budget passes Congress unchanged, experts expect it will signal big changes to NASA’s focus and direction.'

Proposed cuts to NASA programs include defunding the International Space Station (ISS), scrapping the Hubble Space Telescope successor, the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), the cancelation of several Earth-observing satellite missions, and the elimination of NASA’s Office of Education.

The cancelation of the Earth science missions caught the attention of Professor Penner: 

'“By cutting these missions, there will be gaps in data, much of which are crucial to understanding how the Earth is changing—whether or not you agree that it is changing as a result of man-made emissions,” Joyce Penner, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, told Eos.

'Although “the text in the budget announcement for Earth sciences states that the budget supports the ‘Earth and applications communities,’” she continued, “it is hard to see how they do this by terminating a number of important missions.”'

Read the full article here:

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