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CLaSP faculty receive Claudia Joan Alexander Trailblazer Awards

Posted: March 20, 2018

CLaSP faculty receive Claudia Joan Alexander Trailblazer Awards Associate Professor Susan Lepri (l); Associate Professor Allison Steiner (r)

Climate & Space Associate Professors Susan Lepri and Allison Steiner were both awarded a 2018 Claudia Joan Alexander Trailblazer Award at this year's Willie Hobbs Moore Luncheon, sponsored by WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) and CEDO (Center for Engineering Diversity and Outreach).

The annual event was created to honor Dr. Willie Hobbs Moore, who became the first African-American woman to earn a BS in Electrical Engineering and MS in Electrical Engineering at Michigan, and the first African-American woman to receive a Ph.D. in Physics at any institution.

The Claudia Joan Alexander Trailblazer Award is given each year for groundbreaking accomplishments and contributions to STEM from U-M’s College of Engineering.

CLaSP (then called AOSS) alumna Dr. Claudia Alexander earned her PhD from the University of Michigan in 1993. She was well known for her work in geophysics and planetary science. She supported several space missions including NASA’s Galileo and Cassini and the ESA’s Rosetta, for which she served as project manager and scientist for NASA’s role in the mission. She continued to have a strong relationship with U-M over the years, visiting often to give talks, to mentor students, and to serve on the Climate & Space National Advisory Board.

Congratulations to professors Lepri and Steiner!

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