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Professor Atreya selected to receive 2018 Alvin Seiff Memorial Award

Posted: April 18, 2018

Professor Atreya selected to receive 2018 Alvin Seiff Memorial Award

Climate & Space is very pleased to announce that Professor Sushil Atreya has been selected as the Alvin Seiff Memorial Award winner for 2018.

The Alvin Seiff Memorial Award is presented annually at the International Planetary Probe Workshop (IPPW). The accolade recognizes and honors a scientist, engineer, technologist, or mission planner for outstanding career contributions to the understanding of solar system atmospheres and/or planetary atmospheric flight utilizing probes and/or entry, descent and landed systems, and mentorship of the next generation of solar system explorers.

Professor Atreya’s award citation states, “Your numerous and significant accomplishments in planetary atmospheric structure, chemistry, and cloud physics throughout your career, as well as your continued development of the future generation of planetary explorers, have been noted by the selection committee as truly outstanding.”

As the Al Seiff Award Winner, Professor Atreya will present at the 2018 IPPW opening session on June 11, in Boulder, CO. 

The award honors Alvin Seiff, who spent much of his career at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA. Seiff served in many capacities, including chief of its Vehicle Environment Division, and senior staff scientist in the Space Science Division, before retiring in 1986.

He was an early pioneer in planetary exploration and planetary probe technology, as well as the mentor to a generation of world class planetary scientists and technologists. His leadership and innovative engineering analysis played a key role in determining the aerodynamics and aerothermodynamics of the Apollo entry vehicle used to return astronauts safely from the Moon. Later, Seiff was the principal investigator on experiments which utilized the entry probe-based approach to determine the structure of the atmospheres of Mars (Viking), Venus (Pioneer-Venus), and Jupiter (Galileo). Seiff won the NASA Medal for Exceptional Achievement three times and was honored with numerous other awards and recognitions.

Congratulations, Professor Atreya!

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