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Professor Steiner discusses climate model bias in AGU Eos magazine

Posted: April 25, 2018

Professor Steiner discusses climate model bias in AGU Eos magazine

Professor Steiner recently published a piece called Diagnosing the Warm Bias in the Central United States in the AGU Eos journal Editors’ Vox blog, in which she summarizes four articles she edited for JGR-Atmospheres. The articles were part of project investigating why models predict warmer surface temperatures than are observed in the central United States.

From the Editor's Vox article:

"The land surface is the lower boundary of the atmosphere. This interface between land and air is particularly important for predicting surface air temperature and precipitation. Although this is the region of the atmosphere that humans inhabit and scientists can easily monitor, it is very difficult to simulate in current weather and climate models.

"Specific geographic regions of the globe have been identified as land-atmosphere coupling “hot spots” [Koster et al., 2004], where small changes in the atmosphere or land surface can feedback to amplify the response in local temperature and precipitation. One identified “hot spot” region is the central United States, which is also a region where weather and climate models consistently simulate warmer surface temperatures than ground-based observations."

Read the full article here:

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