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Dr. Ganjushkina discusses near-Earth electric currents in Eos magazine

Posted: June 20, 2018

 Dr. Ganjushkina discusses near-Earth electric currents in Eos magazine Image Credit: Ganushkina et al., 2018, Figure 10c
CLaSP Associate Research Scientist Dr. Natalia Ganjushkina has published a new article in the Editor's Vox section of the AGU publication, Eos. 
In the article, Going with the Flow in Outer Space, Dr. Ganjushkina talks about several concepts discussed in a paper ["Current Systems in the Earth's Magnetosphere,"] which she recently published (along with CLaSP Prof. Michael Liemohn) in the AGU journal, Reviews of Geophysics.

From the article: 
"Electric currents are a net flow in charge from one location to another. Nearly everyone in the world comes into regular contact with electric currents, such as when an electrical plug is inserted into a live socket. Near-Earth space is a place to find electric currents too, from the upper atmosphere 100 kilometers above our heads, to the solar wind tens of thousands of kilometers from the planet. In an article recently published in Reviews of Geophysics, Ganushkina et al [2018] describe the structure and dynamics of the main electric current systems in near-Earth space. Here, one of the authors gives an overview of the nature of these currents and describes how our knowledge of them has improved and could be further advanced..."

Read the Reviews of Geophysics paper:‚Äč

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