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CLaSP researcher featured in U-M Record Spotlight

Posted: July 11, 2018

CLaSP researcher featured in U-M Record Spotlight

The latest U-M Record Spotlight shines on Line van Nieuwstadt, associate professor of engineering practice at UM-Dearborn and adjunct research scientist at Climate & Space. 

From the article: 

"For 20 years, Line van Nieuwstadt has blended work and family, and life in and outside of the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She’s now teaching her students how to do the same.

Her brightly lit office overlooking the College of Engineering and Computer Science’s high bay lab is a place where students have come to expect conversations that stretch beyond their current troubles with Calc 3.

Van Nieuwstadt is, of course, happy to help with those if that’s what they’ve arrived for. Even then, her academic coaching is likely to be peppered with hard-won wisdom on a variety of other topics."

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