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Prof. Jablonowski co-organizes Physics-Dynamics Coupling Workshop at ECMWF

Posted: July 18, 2018

Prof. Jablonowski co-organizes Physics-Dynamics Coupling Workshop at ECMWF PDC18 Scientific Organizing Committee. Image: ECMWF
This past week, CLaSP Professor Christiane Jablonowski acted as co-organizer for the 3rd Workshop on Physics-Dynamics Coupling (PDC18) at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) in Reading, U.K.

The workshop brought together a growing community of scientists who have an interest in discussing and improving process coupling in weather and climate models. In particular, this year's workshop participants discussed new approaches to physical parameterizations and how they can be coupled to the fluid dynamics component of atmospheric and oceanic models. All told, more than fifty weather and climate scientists attended this year's workshop. 

As an ECMWF news article notes, "Finding better ways to couple small-scale physical processes and large-scale atmospheric dynamics in Earth system models could help to improve global weather forecasts..." 
Professor Jablonowski, who served on the PDC18 Scientific Organizing Committee, was also quoted for the article: 

'Christiane Jablonowski from the University of Michigan says the workshop has highlighted that progress in two areas is under way. 
"The first is the question of how to do the coupling numerically from a pretty technical viewpoint. The second is the new idea that we should incorporate more and more physical processes into the dynamics."'

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