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Prof. Steiner leads Lake Erie algal bloom research project

Posted: August 22, 2018

Prof. Steiner leads Lake Erie algal bloom research project Image: U-M Office of Research Download File(s): Lake Erie algal bloom.jpg

The UM Office of Research recently published an article about the Lake Erie algal blooms causing disruption along the lake's Western shore, and the U-M led research that's happening at ground zero. Prof. Allison Steiner's work with researchers and residents along Lake Erie is featured in the piece.

From the article:

"'These blooms have been increasing globally over the past decade, and they directly impact fundamental human needs in coastal communities across the country,' said Steiner, associate professor of climate and space sciences and engineering at U-M. 'Understanding, predicting and alleviating this serious water quality issue is a problem of great societal relevance.'”

With support from the National Science Foundation (link is external), Steiner is leading a research project that brings together community partners in water treatment, beach management and recreational fishing to develop strategies to prevent harmful algal blooms."

Read the full article:​

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