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Prof. Huang to lead new Dept. of Energy climate-energy model project

Posted: September 13, 2018

Prof. Huang to lead new Dept. of Energy climate-energy model project Image credit: William Putman, NASA/Goddard

The Biological and Environmental Research program in the Department of Energy (DoE) recently selected a team led by CLASP associate professor Xianglei Huang to participate in DOE’s newest model development project, the E3SM (Energy Exascale Earth System Model). The project is developing a computationally advanced coupled climate-energy model to investigate the challenges posed by the interactions of weather-climate scale variability with energy and related sectors.

According to their website, “The E3SM model simulates the fully coupled Earth system at high-resolution (15-25km, including higher resolution within regionally refined areas) and is incorporating coupling with energy, water, land-use and related energy-relevant activities, with a focus on near-term hind-casts (1970-2015) for model validation and a near-term projection (2015-2050) as needed for energy sector planning”.

This is one of four university-led model development projects selected by DoE to participate in the E3SM development activities. The project will improve the representation of surface-atmospheric radiative coupling in the E3SM, especially over the high-latitude regions. In addition to Prof. Huang, the team consists of CLaSP associate professor Mark Flanner, as well as researchers from the University of California at Irvine, Texas A&M University, and Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Further information about E3SM can be found at

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