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Prof. Steiner on leadership team for new U-M Biosciences Initiative institute

Posted: October 31, 2018

Prof. Steiner on leadership team for new U-M Biosciences Initiative institute Photo credit: Allen Burton

Climate & Space Prof. Allison Steiner is co-principal investigator for the new Institute for Global Change Biology. The institute is one of five large (and four smaller) project finalists to receive a grant under U-M President Mark Schlissel's Biosciences Initiative which provides up to $45 million in funding " create globally leading biosciences research programs focused on solving critical problems. A key element of the multiyear initiative will be the hiring of 30 tenure-track faculty and a one-time investment of $150 million." 

The Institute for Global Change Biology, which will focus on the the biosphere’s responses to human activities, was one of nine finalists out of twenty-eight proposals submitted for the first round of grant funding. 

“We established the Biosciences Initiative to propel the University of Michigan to the forefront in critical areas of life science research. I am thrilled that our faculty have responded with groundbreaking proposals,” Schlissel said.

The Institute for Global Change Biology's principal investigator is Allen Burton, of the School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS). Co-principal investigators include Allison Steiner, Climate and Space; Inés Ibáñez, SEAS; and Knute Nadelhoffer, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. 
"Global change biology seeks to understand the biosphere’s responses to human activities. Human-caused global changes include climate shifts, land-use conversion, release of pollutants and species introductions. The new institute will foster research to understand and forecast the interactive effects of global change drivers on organisms and ecosystems." 

Read more about the U-M Biosciences Initiative here:

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